Toothed belt wheels XL037 pitch 1/5" (5,08mm)

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Timing belt pulleys XL037 - T 1/5" (5,08mm)

  • Material: Aluminum similar to EN AW2017A
  • Flanged pulleys steel zinc plated
  • Bores pre-drilled (up to 24 teeth only centering bore)
  • Profile XL = 1/5 inch = 5,08 mm
  • For belt width 037 = 9.53 mm
Number of teeth ZShapeHub diameter NDBore diameter BWidth L [mm]Outer Ø toothed pulley [mm]Nominal diameter dOuter Ø flanged pulley [mm]Width b [mm]Belt widthPitch T
101F10-202316,1715,6614,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
111F10-202317,7917,2814,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
121F10-202519,418,914,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
141F16-202822,6422,1314,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
151F16-202824,2623,7514,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
161F16-203225,8725,3614,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
181F20-203629,1128,614,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
201F25-223832,3431,8314,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
211F25-223833,9633,4514,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
221F25-224235,5735,0714,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
241F30-224438,8138,314,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
261F308224842,0441,5314,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
281F348225145,2844,7714,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
301F388225448,514814,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
321F388255751,7451,2414,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
36245825-58,2157,714,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
40245825-64,6864,1714,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
42245825-67,9167,4114,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
44245825-71,1570,6414,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
483451025-77,6277,1114,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
603451025-97,0296,5114,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)
723451025-116,42115,9214,30,37" (9,53mm)1/5" (5,08mm)

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