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Commander Basic - the cost-effective entry-level solution

In addition to the two Commander transmitters, there is a conversion system for the Futaba F-14/FC-16 system. In concrete terms, this works by giving the transmitter an additional circuit board with the Commander electronics and eight switches. This board fits exactly into the upper right option slot, and is connected to the existing main board of the Futaba system. A small additional housing with the display for model selection, basic settings and the most important telemetry data is attached to the transmitter. The range of functions does not come close to the Commander SA-1000, but for most truck models this equipment is sufficient for a comfortable start. Existing Futaba remote controls can thus be upgraded to the Commander at low cost.

The original electronics of the Futaba remain unchanged during the conversion, and the system can still be used to drive models on 40 MHz. In Commander mode, 12 switching channels and two additional proportional channels are available in addition to the 8 original proportional channels. The models can be selected via the display, all important settings on the receiver can be changed and a minimum of telemetry data (model battery voltage, operating time) is displayed.

  • Languages: German or English
  • Conversion kit suitable for Futaba F-14
  • Proportional channels: 10 (8+2)
  • Switching channels: 12
  •  Model memory: 50
  • Display 52x25mm, 128x64 Pixel
  • Suitable for all ScaleART Commander receivers

This article contains a completely assembled Commander BASIC incl. Robbe F-14 case, transmitter battery, the two switch units and the two 3D joysticks. If desired, the housing can be painted in the colours available.

  • Following are the individual prices: Robbe F-14 remote control 199,00€
  • transmitter battery 40,00€
  • BASIC main unit 345,00€
  • BASIC switch module left 75,00€
  • BASIC switch module right 75,00€
  • Commander 3D stick 50,00€
  • assembly remote control 50,00€
  • regular total amount: 934,00€
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