Servonaut T24 20A special speed controller for off-road driving
T24 Trial and crawler speed controller with 4A S-BEC

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Servonaut T24 - 20A special speed controller for off-road driving

  • Further development of the Servonaut T20
  • Transitionless EMF brake, no loss of control when driving Downhill
  • Delay-free change forward / backward
  • Operation with one or two channels possible
  • New: Can also be used with gun systems and only one channel
  • Switchable starting aid e.g. for overcoming obstacles (via second channel)
  • NEW: Powerful 5.3V/4A S-BEC receiver and servo supply
  • NEW: Further improved resolution and sensitivity: Over 450 speed steps!
  • NEW: Low voltage cut-off for 6 or 10 cells NiCd/NiMH, 2S or 3S Lithium-Polymer with automatic detection of battery type
  • Temperature, current, voltage and reception monitoring with motor stop in case of malfunction (at 40 MHz) or empty battery
  • Two 700mA outputs for brake light and driving light, overload and short circuit proof for LEDs and/or incandescent lamps
  • Automatic zero setting with start-up protection, no teach-in or adjustment required
  • NEW: Extensive setting options via CARD interface
  • NEW: Two diagnostic LEDs for status and error display
  • NEW: Dimensions only approx. 70 x 38 x 9 mm
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