Servonaut SMB Bagger-Soundmodul

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Servonaut sound module for excavator models

  • space-saving installation
  • dynamic, situation-dependent sounds
  • developed in cooperation with Damitz Modelltechnik
  • engine noise, hydraulics, starter, shutdown, horn, drive chain, superstructure Transmission
  • controllable via two free receiver channels
  • no additional battery necessary, can be powered directly from the drive battery
  • battery voltage 7.2 to 12V NiCd/NiMH, loudspeaker from 8 Ohm
  • maximum output power 3 watts at 8 ohms at 7.2 V
  • small separate volume control ideal for hidden mounting on the model
  • optional tone control SM-EQ available as accessory
  • dimensions in mm approx. 55 x 28 x 13
  • Important: The SMB needs a transmitter with extensive mixing functions to control all functions - per valve servo channel at least one free mixer on the sound output and if necessary another one for a pump control. This is of course fulfilled by the Servonaut HS12 as well as transmitters from Brixl, Blauzahn or ScaleART Commander. With transmitters from the flight model construction the SMB is possibly not or only limited usable - absolutely check before!
  • The operating instructions refer to the Servonaut HS12 as an example.

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