Servonaut MM4 mini multiswitch light system

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Servonaut MM4 mini multiswitch light System

  • Mini-Multiswitch with four outputs 700mA each
  • Universally suitable for all areas of functional model Building
  • Only one channel for 4 functions is needed
  • New: Control also possible via Multiswitch
  • Two outputs can be combined as e.g. headlight flasher/high beams
  • One servo output for windshield wiper, winker, etc.
  • One servo output with actuating function for doors, ramps, swivel drives, extinguishing monitors or similar.
  • New: in multiswitch mode, one servo output can be controlled directly, e.g. for a 3-speed manual transmission with battery plug suitable for BECB
  • New: Dimensions only approx. 43 x 20 x 13 mm

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