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Designed by truck modelers, made for truck modelers. This is the new family of ScaleART Commander systems. They combine simple operation with a large number of functions that are typically used in vehicles or construction machinery.

It starts with the way in which the settings are saved: All configurations relating to the model are also stored in the model. So the function is always given, no matter which Commander transmitter is being used. This is ideal for model clubs, but also for every driver who has more than one transmitter. You can switch between the models at the push of a button without anyone having to switch the vehicle.

The large transmitter, the SA-5000, is designed as a desk unit; the standard version offers 8 proportional and 14 switching functions. Depending on the equipment variant, up to 14 proportional and 20 switching channels are possible! The two large displays show the current assignment and status of the control elements, so that clear operation is always provided, even with complex ones. As standard it is equipped with 3D sticks, twin sticks and a third joystick. It has a slot for SD cards, which is used firstly for data backup and secondly for software updates. The recipients are updated wirelessly using this method as well.

Since the demand for high-quality technology does not end with the function, it was a necessary consequence to "package" the trend-setting technology accordingly.

After careful consideration and a few attempts, we finally decided on a solution that is certainly not an everyday one. The housings of the Commander are milled from a solid block of aluminum on the most modern CNC machines. After completion and finish, the surfaces are refined with an anodized layer. The user interface of the Commander, on the other hand, is made of hardened glass, all symbols etc. are printed on the back. There is also a good reason for this ... scratched and difficult to read displays have always been a nuisance and are a thing of the past with the Commander. Due to this fact, we can guarantee that your Commander will not lose its attractiveness or function even after years of use.

The scope of delivery includes a high-quality aluminum case including foam inserts, an HF antenna, the holder for the carrying strap, a small or large shoulder strap, and a microfibre cleaning cloth

Function overview Commander SA-5000 EXPERT

  • Display: 2 x 90 x 46 mm
  • Resolution: 2 times 240 x 128 mm
  • Standard font size: 4.6 mm
  • Simultaneously usable proportional functions: 12
  • Switching functions that can be used at the same time: 21
  • Usable levels: 8
  • Telemetry: Graphic display
  • Sound output: yes
  • Vibration alert: yes
  • Model memory: 125
  • Operation: plain text menu navigation, input with cursor keypad
  • Help function: Interactive brief instructions in the second display
  • Display of the current assignment of the control elements: for 12 switches and 4 controllers
  • Alarm signaling: acoustic and tactile, indication of the alarm source in the display, overview of active alarms
  • Simultaneous connection with two models: yes
  • Number of evaluators per model: 10
  • Password protection: separate for operation and configuration
  • Operating hours counter: yes
  • Update and data backup: standard SD

Functions with multi-receiver unit CM-1000

  • Servos / switching functions: 10/8
  • Usable levels: 8
  • Battery voltage display: yes
  • Freely assignable telemetry fields: 3
  • Adjustable alarms: battery voltage
  • Feedback for servos: 10
  • Display of light and flashing symbols *): Yes
  • Evaluator per model: 10
  • Software update possible in the model: yes

Functions with the multi-receiver unit CM-5000

  • Servos / switching functions: 16/16
  • Additional sensor connections: 2
  • Light bus control: yes
  • IR output: yes
  • Integrated controller for power take-offs: yes
  • Usable levels: 8
  • Current consumption display: yes
  • Battery charge status indicator: yes
  • Freely assignable telemetry fields: 3
  • Position indicator: graphically
  • Adjustable alarms: Individual for all measured values
  • Feedback for servos: 16
  • Display of light and flashing symbols *) yes
  • Control of multiswitch modules: 8
  • Operating hours display: 2 counters in the display
  • Programmable sequence control: yes
  • Evaluator per model: 10
  • Software update possible in the model: yes

*) not when using external lighting systems

  • Shipping weight: 6,10 kg
  • Item weight: 6,10 kg
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