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This power distribution board is used to clearly and neatly connect the electrical consumers in a model.

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This power distributor board is used to clearly and neatly connect the electrical consumers in a model. The battery is connected directly to the distributor and switched on or off via the supplied main switch. The switch disconnects the connection to the battery completely. The replaceable fuse (12.5A) protects against short circuits. The board has 4x2 (+ / -) terminals (black in the photo), to which the consumers (eg, motor controller, receiver, sound module, etc.) can be connected and supplied with the battery voltage.

In addition, this variant of the power distributor has 3x2 connection terminals for looping through consumers. The output cables from the motor controller (to the motor) and the connection cables from the motor itself can be connected to these terminals, for example. This allows the connection from the motor controller to the motor to be made completely without soldering and can always be easily disconnected without having to cut cables. These additional connections have no connection to the battery and are each connected 1-to-1 (terminal 1 to 1, terminal 2 to 2, etc.).

Dimensions of the PCB with insulation plate: 66 x 27,5 x 19 mm (LxWxH)

Scope of delivery:

  • power distributor - depending on the version ready soldered or as single parts
  • insulation plate made of plastic
  • main switch
  • fuse 12,5A
  • assembly material

Product variants:

Depending on the product variant, this power distribution board is supplied ready soldered or as a kit. For the kit variant, all components must be soldered onto the board yourself.

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