Jeti Spinn Pro 44 BEC / D brushless controller
Jeti Spinn Pro 44 BEC / D brushless controller

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JETI SPIN 44 with SWITCHING-BEC, Datalogger and Multimode brushless speed Controller

These new high-end controllers have:

  • switched BEC (switching BEC) of the latest design
  • integrated data logger that records and displays flight or travel data
  • Multimode allows switching between helicopter programs or aircraft programs
  • Stepwise programming in smallest step sizes. e.g. 1 degree, 1 degree Celsius, 1/100sec. etc.
  • automatic motor shutdown parameterizable stepwise (temperature, voltage, current. etc.)
  • settings: direction of rotation, working mode, regulation course, regulation range, shutdown mode, timing, acceleration, frequency, brake, shutdown voltage, shutdown temperature,
  • protection programs of the accumulators, this is again stepwise adjustable by 0.1V steps.
  • High frequency speed-hold mode (governor with heli program) with linear or non-linear progression control.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Reset for factory Setup
  • The controllers work with variable switching cycle
  • All drive types can be set with this Controller
  • Parameter setting is done with SPIN BOX with display.
  • Logged data are shown on the display of SPIN BOX
  • BEC version without separate power supply
  • SWITCHING BEC with high Efficiency
  • SPIN BOX is not included in the scope of delivery.

Normally we deliver to Germany, Austria and Switzerland SPIN controllers with German language guidance.
But if you want English menu guidance, please specify English language version when ordering !

Technical data:

  • JETI SPIN 44 brushless controller / datalogger / multimode ESC.
  • continuous current 44A /55A 30sec.
  • Power: 1100 Watt continuous max !
  • Voltage: 5-16 NiCD/NiMH / 2-6 LiPo / 6-25V
  • Weight 22g without / 36g with all leads
  • Dimensions: 52 x 24 x 10 mm
  • Jeti SBEC: 2.5A continuous / 5.0A 2 min.
  • Jeti SBEC : full number of servos in the whole voltage range
  • Multimode: airplanes or helicopters
  • Heliprogram with governor
  • Datalogger stores the measured flight data (automatically)
  • logged data can be read out without computer !
  • Programmable with Jeti BOX

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