CTI ESM-2 Limit switch module with 2 limit switch inputs

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CTI ESM-2 Limit Switch Module

With the help of the ESM-2 ALL in the model construction usual motors can be provided with limit switches. So also brushless motors which do not work with the usual switch/diode solution. The limit switches are not switched as usual with diodes in the motor circuit but to 2 control inputs of the ESM-2. This has the advantage that the switches do not have to cope with the entire motor current. The switches switch load-free to minus. In addition, one saves the diodes. The ESM-2 is simply plugged between receiver and controller. The receiver pulse is switched through one to one. However, if the blue control line 1 is switched to minus, then the receiver pulse is limited to a maximum of 1.5 ms. If the blue control line 2 is switched to minus, then the receiver pulse is extended to a minimum of 1.5 ms. Thus the motor at the limit switches can only be controlled in the opposite direction.

Dimensions: 20x8x3mm

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