Brixl 20 channel evaluation module with RF module 30 meters

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This new module from brixlelektronik called bc-20 plus has been designed in a very compact way. In a very small space there are 20 ports available, which can be configured very individually, as usual with brixlelektronik. This starts with the use as servo signal outputs and goes in a familiar way to the special function possibilities. Also the function of measuring different physical quantities (e.g. voltage / current / temperature) is prepared. In addition, there are 12 implemented outputs, which are intended for light functions. Finally, a BEC is also integrated. This has a power of 8 A at 12V input voltage. The supply and BEC voltage are measured and displayed in the brixlcontrol transmitter. Thus, it is an extremely compact module with a total of 32 connections, plus the IR preparation.
Technical data

  • Power supply: 7.2...12V = 2s...3s Lipo
  • .
  • Connections: 20 servo, 12 light function, IR prepared
  • .
  • Switching power light: 100mA each
  • .
  • BEC (onboard): 8A
  • Abmessung: 30 x 60 mm
  • Eigenstromverbrauch: 12...90mA
  • Onboard Telemetrie: Akku & BEC -Volt
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