25mm Spur gear motor SG25-370 (6V, 12V, 24V)
The spur geared motor SG25-370 has a nominal diameter of 25mm and a length of 61mm - 70mm (depending on the variant). The motor is available in rated voltages 6V, 12V and 24V.

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The SG25-370 - spur gear motor is a spur gear motor which, thanks to the large number of gearbox variants, is universally suitable for countless projects in automation, model making or robotics.The motor is operated with 6 V - 24 V (depending on variant) and has a gear ratio of 1:4,4 - 1:377 (depending on variant) . The rated speed is 10 1/min - 1931 1/min (depending on variant) with a nominal torque of 0,083 kg*cm - 10 kg*cm (depending on variant) . The weight of the motor is about 80 g - 94 g (depending on variant) .

Motor mount

The COMVEC motor mounts are especially suitable for the space-saving and safe installation of the COMVEC geared motors. The scope of delivery of the motor bracket always includes the bracket itself, as well as screws for mounting the motor in the bracket and screws for mounting the bracket on a surface. When ordering the motor mount alone, no motor is included.

The motor mount is made as a 3D print, so there may be slight deviations from the specified dimensions. The color of the bracket (blue) shown in the pictures is only exemplary. The mount is usually in gray, or any other color.

Technical specifications

Properties of a particular motor-gearbox-variant can be found in the tables and the drawing.

  • Nominal operating voltage: 6 V - 24 V (depending on variant)
  • Gear reduction: 1:4,4 - 1:377 (depending on variant)
  • Rated speed: 10 1/min - 1931 1/min (depending on variant)
  • Rated torque: 0,083 kg*cm - 10 kg*cm (depending on variant)
  • Weight: about 80 g - 94 g (depending on variant)
  • Gearbox: metal
  • Type: brushed motor
  • Output shaft: 4 mm

Please note: These are nominal data! Some of the listed data were calculated and not measured. Deviations are possible depending on the application and installation situation!

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